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Central Air Conditioner Sales and Installation – Sacramento, CA Every summer, we see our temperatures go above 90 or even 100 for many days. High humidity makes summer conditions even more unpleasant. Adequate, efficient home cooling is a must for homes in the Elk Grove / Sacramento Greater Central Valley Area. Keeping your home cool […] … More Top Rank Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

Lodi, Modesto, Manteca, Galt & Elk Grove Homes Get Seriously Efficient!

What a great time to be involved with homeowners and their drive to get more efficient.  Since Top Rank Home Services came into existence we have worked with local residents to make their homes more efficient, more comfortable and increase their value both personally and financially.  Never has this task been more fun or more profitable.  With the national push toward “Green” and our involvement in it we are helping like never before.  Here are just a few examples… LED Lighting.  LED lights use dramatically less light that either standard or CFL lights and provide a better light quality. High Performance Water Fixtures.  These are faucets that are able to decrease water use by almost 50% and still provide the same pressure as before.  We all hate taking a shower with low pressure and these solve that issue and save water. Energy Star Appliance.  How great is it that your refrigerator that is on 24 hours a day can use 33% less energy and do the same job as one … More Lodi, Modesto, Manteca, Galt & Elk Grove Homes Get Seriously Efficient!

Indoor Air Quality And Your Health

Many people don’t believe this when we say it be the Central Valley has some of the worst air in the nation.  Since we are surrounded by mountains the pollutants are trapped here and with the exception of really windy day they are never allowed to leave.  This leaves us to breathe what is bad air and ewe have no real escape from the junk in the air. What happens where we get home and we turn on our home comfort system.  Many systems are never maintained and that means that filters may go unchanged for months or even years and that is also a good reason to have a VIP service plan so that least that gets done.  The next thing to do is have a home Indoor Air Quality system to scrub the air you breathe. Many families deal with allergies and asthma and while the best system cannot eliminate these it can make a dramatic difference.  We have these systems and they run from a few dollars to a lot of money but the first thing to do is have a comfort consultant out and look at and assess … More Indoor Air Quality And Your Health

Whole House Fan Comfort

Whole house fans provide comfort all Summer long… So why are we talking about this in February?  The reason is that like everything else time moves quicker each year and this is seldom at the top of anyone’s mind and even then they deprive themselves of the comfort and energy savings that is a whole house fan. What reminded us to talk about this?  Simple!  We were doing a VIP service and they had us install a Whole House Fan last year about this time and they hardly used their air Conditioner all last summer!  They ended up with a much lower bill (They think that the savings were actually more than the fan cost) and much more comfort.  They were able to leverage the comfortable Northern California nights and cool mornings to their advantage and bank the lack of air conditioner use. Here is what they did…  When they woke up in the morning they would turn the fan on until the house cooled down and then they shut it off and closed the windows.  Most nights they would open up … More Whole House Fan Comfort

What Cars And Air Conditioners DON’T Have In Common…

Oh the life of a car.  Most home air conditioners wish they had it so good.  About every 3000 to 5000 miles cars get some attention that consists of new fluids, new filters and someone giving them a look see from one end to the other.  Home air conditioners just wish they had it so good! Most home air conditioners know that they are going to get attention.  That attention only comes only once they don’t start up and it is typically when it is the hottest day of the year.  When they finally get the attention and corrective measures they need it is even hotter and they are even further behind the 8 ball.  This scenario is true for air conditioners in the Elk Grove, South Sacramento and Galt areas that have not yet risen to the VIP level.  The air conditioners that have VIP status are treated very differently and for good reason.  The VIP air conditioners are expected to start when it gets warm and they are expected to perform at their peak… And they do!  They have be … More What Cars And Air Conditioners DON’T Have In Common…

Become a Top Rank VIP

We all know VIP’s get the great treatment; front seats, a little added bonus. As much as we do treat all of our customers with the highest of quality and customer service. We do have some added bonuses for our VIP’s. As a Top Rank VIP you get added discounts, guaranteed 24 hour service response, 15% off entire bill for repairs or 10% off replacement systems, two Top Rank professional 20 point maintenance visits (Spring/Fall), but you also get additional discounts for all other Top Rank Services. Become a VIP and get your HVAC system running in Top Rank shape! … More Become a Top Rank VIP

True Home Comfort on the Cheap

One of the questions we are asked most often is what home air conditioner will keep our home cool, not cost a fortune to run and last a long time.  The specific answer to this question can only be done on a case by case basis and I do know that the cheapest and longest lasting air conditioner is one that seldom needs to work.  Let me explain… Even on the hottest days of Summer there are those homes that stay cool without the air conditioner running for hours on end.  Those homes have the proper insulation and these homeowners know how to use the tools at their disposal to make this goal a reality.  Even in this hot valley we live in the coolest time of the day is the morning.  Most homes are warmer inside when we get up than outside.  First thing in the morning is the best time to turn on the whole house fan and pull that cool air inside.  Doing that also cools down your attic where the warm air has been trapped all night.  Once it is as cool inside as it is outside you simpl … More True Home Comfort on the Cheap

One Size Does Not Fit All!

Being involved in the Home Improvement gives those of us at Top Rank a lot of joy.  Working with people and their homes can run everywhere from incredibly stressful to rewarding like nothing else could be.  Home improvement shouldn’t be a feel good story that starts stressful and ends up being rewarding… It should start easy and get easier. Top Rank started as a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and we are darned good at it.  While this was good for us it seemed that our clients wanted more than we could legally do.  As an HVAC contractor we are limited to doing specific things like insulation, windows, HVAC and other such things.  This is called a “C” classification.   In order to fulfill the requests that you were making of us we needed to get the designation of a General Contractor and this is also called a “B” classification.  We had more than one person ask us to do it off the books and we declined because this is illegal, wrong and doesn’t serve our cu … More One Size Does Not Fit All!